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Unveiling Our Bold Transformation: Embrace the Future with My M̶i̶l̶l̶e̶n̶n̶i̶a̶l̶ Mental Wellbeing

A Conversation with MMW Founder and Executive Director, Subhi Irshed: The Rationale Behind Our Rebranding Journey

In this exclusive conversation with Subhi Irshed, the Founder and Executive Director of MMW (Millennial Mental Wellbeing), we delve into the exciting transformation of our organization and explore the rationale behind our rebranding journey. Join us as Subhi explains the driving forces, pivotal shifts, and the path ahead for My Mental Wellbeing (MMW).

Jyoti: Subhi, could you please share with our readers the inspiration behind the decision to rebrand MMW to My Mental Wellbeing (MMW)?

Subhi Irshed: Absolutely. Our journey at MMW has been marked by an unwavering commitment to mental wellbeing. Over the past three years, we've engaged with a vibrant community of 30,000 individuals through various platforms, including online channels, workshops, surveys, and events. We've listened, learned, and grown alongside them. Our decision to rebrand reflects our evolution as an organization driven by the valuable insights and changing needs of this community.

Jyoti: Can you explain the first major shift, transitioning from a focus solely on Millennials?

Subhi Irshed: Of course. Our journey is all about inclusivity. We're expanding our focus to encompass all employees, but with a crystal-clear emphasis on Millennials and Gen Z.

Recent data on Gen Z's mental health is alarming, and we want to ensure we're addressing their unique challenges. We're essentially broadening our umbrella of support to create better mental wellbeing for everyone, regardless of age.

Jyoti: The second shift involves addressing middle manager burnout. Can you elaborate on this?

Subhi Irshed: Certainly. We've come to understand that to truly make a difference in workplace mental health, we must address the challenges faced by middle managers. Our upcoming report, backed by data from 10,000 sources, highlights the critical role middle managers play in fostering a healthy workplace. By extending our services to middle managers, we aim to tackle this issue head-on and drive meaningful change.

Jyoti: Moving to the third shift, you've mentioned transitioning from "by Millennials, for Millennials" to "Better Mental Wellbeing, For Us, By Us." What's the significance of this change?

Subhi Irshed: This shift is about unity and a collective approach to tackling the ongoing mental health crisis. We're evolving from serving specific generations to embracing the broader spectrum of humanity. By recognizing that we all face unique mental health challenges, we're fostering a sense of togetherness. The crisis is here to stay, and our best chance at success is by joining forces, celebrating our differences, and creating a better mental wellbeing for everyone.

Jyoti: Finally, Subhi, could you share more about the timeline for the name transition?

Subhi Irshed: Certainly! Our transition to My Mental Wellbeing (MMW) will unfold over the next six months. During this period, you'll see "Millennials" with a strike-through in our name until it eventually fades away. This transition symbolizes our journey toward broader inclusivity and a brighter mental wellbeing future.

Subhi Irshed's insights into MMW's rebranding journey shed light on the organization's unwavering commitment to better mental wellbeing for all. The shifts in focus, emphasis on middle managers, and the call for unity reflect a bold step towards a future where mental health is a shared responsibility. Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this exciting journey toward a brighter and healthier mental wellbeing future with My Mental Wellbeing (MMW).


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