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MMW series workshop programme provides concrete wellbeing toolbox and science-based techniques. Our solution is based on 10000 data points from young professionals and workplaces.


My Mental Wellbeing Workshop offers its partners and participating employees six types of workshops, distributed into two tracks.

Track 1

The purpose of the track is to break the stigma and start the conversation on mental health among young professionals. The workshop offer simple tools and practices to address daily mental health challenges. This track gives an introductory understanding of mental health and how young professional's mental health is affected by our ever-connected world.

1. Kickstart your mental wellbeing journey on an individual & team level.
2. Mental health 101
3. Multi-generational wellbeing.

1. How to master stress management.
2. Burnout prevention techniques.
3. How to build resilience.

Track Features Comparison

Track 2

The purpose of the track is to offer a deeper understanding of mental wellbeing through specific mental-health-related topics. This includes a more advanced toolbox to address stress, burnout and build resilience.

Get a sneak peek on how we conducted our latest workshop with this 60 seconds videos from our recent collaboration with our two new clients in Copenhagen Denmark.

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