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Take a look at the people behind "My Mental Wellbeing".


My Mental Wellbeing is a For Impact Organization - Better mental health is a birth right for us all

My Mental Wellbeing is a For Impact Organization. Originally founded for millennials by millennials and evolved to address all generations, because better mental health is a birth right for us all

Constantly connected on the outside, but often lonely on the inside, young professionals are trying to take advantage of this new reality, but often end up overwhelmed with overflowing amounts of information. Addicted to the feeling of instant gratification that comes with unlimited scrolling and mobile applications, and constantly comparing ourselves to our peers and their supposedly perfect lives on social media. 

As the upcoming workforce we realized that there are no tools out there that can help us cope. We noticed that even though we spend most of our time at work, most workplaces don't have a concrete conversation or support system that caters to our mental wellbeing. It turned out to be a taboo. Almost as if struggling and being human meant to be weak and incompetent!. We are here to change that. Reach out and lets join forces to accelerate our impact. Together

Our Story



Medical Doctor & MedTech Entrepreneur

Imran Rashid is a doctor, author and a speaker, but mostly just interested in the best life for all. His goals contribute to a world where humans use technology to become better humans without becoming negatively affected in the process.


To create a higher consciousness between deliberate and purposeful usage of technology and subconscious and impulsive usage of technology. To uncover and spread the word of the possible harmful consequences by the uncritical usage of technology.



Business Owner, Humanicity

Mette Nørr Gantzhorn is a business owner of the company Humanicity, a business psychologist and expert within the areas of diversity, inclusion, psychological safety and mental well-being.
She has worked in big corporation as Novo Nordisk and Ørsted, heading up senior leadership positions, the latest as Global head for Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being at Ørsted.
Mette lives in Frederiksberg with her family and has both lived and worked abroad, mainly in Europe.



Interim CxO & Strategic Advisor

Bjørn Skou Eilertsen brings a strong entrepreneurial background from the IT industry having fulfilled key roles at a series of startups as well as product management, marketing and sales roles with both IBM and Microsoft.


Prior to joining Milestone, Bjørn was heading up the EMEA product management and sales operations for the Microsoft CRM business. 




106434016_1124648831245235_8829559110767050507_n (1).jpg


Founder & Executive Director

Goofy at heart, determined, ambitious and like to think of myself as a funny fella, people tend to disapprove. Love a good sweat even if it means I will see the world upside down. #handstand


Sadia Beg

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional intelligence coach with passion for human development in any shape and form. I design, develop and facilitate leadership development and employee engagement programs for organizations. As a wandering soul, I find peace in nature and experiencing new cultures, thus in love with travelling! 



Art Director

Selin Dönmez is an art director from Istanbul. She is interested in typography, doodling, watching funny videos on loop. And she loves to be part of volunteer works! She was part of Civic Involvement Projects at Sabancı University for five years.

Tarun rathore.jpg


Senior UI/UX Designer

An accomplished graphic and UI/UX designer with extensive experience and proven ability to solve both technical and design challenges. Provides efficient delivery of comprehensive design programs. Conceives branding and strategy programs that redefine a company's identity and improve performance.



People & Culture Manager

Human Resources generalist particularly focused on Tech Talent Acquisition, passionate about promoting employer brand and employee value proposition that answers the question, why would a talented person want to work for our organization even in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace.
Based in Nigeria with a global mindset.



Head of Strategic Project

With a strong passion for diversity and inclusion, have made it my mission to foster a more inclusive workplace. I also have  a keen interest in mental well-being, recognizing the importance of nurturing a healthy work environment.


Olga Skalska

Chief Pyschologist

Friends describe me as a one-person orchestra as I love doing many things. From coaching to organizing dance events, I enjoy being around others and sharing experiences. I love to laugh, and I approach life and work with a healthy dose of humor :)

Sofia Plakandara.jpg



Driven by change and new things to learn. Passionate about emotionally deep conversations and how we can collectively better our lives. I love to be a listener, please tell me your life story!

Pola Koba.png


Mental Health Expert

I am a 24-year-old psychologist and tutor. I believe that talking about mental health is not just a matter of importance - it’s a necessity, and no one should stand and struggle alone. Joining MMW has given me a great opportunity to spread that awareness in a multicultural environment, as well as to share my passions with others.



Social Media Manager

When I am not strategizing & planning digital campaigns, I find my happy place in reading books and scouring the internet for interesting baking recipes to try my hands on.



UI/ UX Designer & Graphic Design

I believe in surrounding yourselves with better individuals to grow as a better person because learning never ends. Love travelling, music, sports, to be inspired by people and to portray the love I have for design in people's eyes. 



Ambassadorship Program Manager

Have a strong interest in physical and mental well being. I was a trained dancer, completed a degree in Global Nutrition and Health, and continuing my education by taking my masters in psychology. Supported multiple NGOs both in Denmark as well as abroad, and currently working at one of the biggest companies in DK where I take care of overall wellbeing of employees.  Love being active in my free time especially playing tennis or practicing yoga.

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