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3 leadership principles in the End Year Letter from our Founder & Executive Director

This end of year letter is becoming a tradition that I wholeheartedly look forward to! Like the past two years, in this too, I am inviting you to my reflections on the accelerated impact MMW has experienced this year. I share with you 3 key leadership principles that helped me guide the organization to accomplish its key achievements.

Leading with compassion: Leading with compassion is a new leadership paradigm that focuses on being there for your team, understanding their experience and demonstrating your willingness to act to support them, letting them know that you are there to help.

This principle helps me as a leader to extend my empathy when collaborating with my team members, ensuring we deliver high quality services through supporting each other’s mental health and stepping in to ask how we can help each other to achieve the committed organizational goals while also looking out for each other. In short, ‘how can we create a win-win situation for everyone’!

Think Win Win: Leading is about putting the needs of our people before ours. This sounds sexy to write and read, yet very challenging to act upon because it is counter intuitive to how we have been brought up to think about interaction with others. Thinking Win Win is about creating opportunities where my teammates feel engaged and motivated in ideating, developing, and executing an organizational roadmap goal. When these two nuances are in place, the end game is profound and impactful.

This principle enables me to become a compassionate leader and helps me in leading and collaborating with 52 team members, from all over the world in the past 2 years. Thinking win-win has been a winning (wink wink) leadership practice.

Today is good enough: This is a personal principle to keep my mental health in check, being ambitious and responsible for a growing organization with an increasingly acknowledged societal issue, it gets very easy to create unnecessary layers of self-pressure about what lies ahead and how can we do more, bigger and better, while the team and I keep working hard, I make it a daily habit to remind myself that life is now. Today is good enough. Knowing that we are only getting started.

Here is a list of MMW today’s (2022) key achievements: Committing to our mission in bringing relevant mental wellbeing tools and programs to young professionals and workplaces.

  • New Mental Wellbeing Workshops Program designed by our mental health experts to create a culture of wellbeing and provide impactful micro techniques to help employees establish balanced mental wellbeing. Read more (Click)

  • We did it again (#ops), we hosted our second physical event, collaborating with the biggest Danish corporate representatives, past and present, who came in and shared real-world strategies and tactics on how to invest in employee’s mental wellbeing. Immense gratitude to The LEGO Group, Milestone Systems, LAIKA, Lenus Health, Ørsted, Novo Nordisk and finally our event sponsor Velliv Forenginen. Read more about the event (click). Read more about how the event went (click)

  • Featured on Danish National TV (TV2) for raising awareness on mental health. MMW chairman of the board Imran Rashid, shared MMW’s latest survey findings on the key mental wellbeing trends for young professionals and the role that workplaces can play to turn the mental health crisis around. Read more (click)

  • New collaboration with a leading medical device company named Convatec Infusion Care in Copenhagen, where MMW delivered a leadership Inspirational talk with concrete micro techniques to help the leaders and individual contributors kick start their mental wellbeing journey at an individual and team level. Read more (Click)

  • MMW Product Bundle with our new partner, Howdy, to address the world’s most pressing issue: Our mental health. Howdy is an excellent mental health provider with more than 100 customers (workplaces) utilizing their scalable mental wellbeing solutions. Our product bundle will increase retention of young professionals and decrease stress leave in workplaces. Read more(click)

  • MMW 2022 survey, staying true to our innovation methodology that we will create data driven mental wellbeing services. Our new survey received 1400 responses from millennials and Gen Z globally. Read more (click)

Thank you for being part our journey,

Merry Christmas & Happy new year to all of you,

on behalf of MMW Team,



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