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Landing On The Stars Didn't Stop Us From Aiming For The Moon Again!

30th November will be a day to remember!

Following our 1st event earlier this year in May, where we focused on the evolving role of workplaces in addressing and prioritizing employees' mental wellbeing, we hosted our 2nd physical event titled How Mental Health Solutions Attract & Retain Young Professionals where be brought leading workplaces in Denmark - Corporate Leaders, Hiring Manager HR & Young Professionals - in one place to accelerate the world's agenda on mental wellbeing. The event’s objective was to have an end-to-end conversation that addresses mental health from all angles:

  • What is the mental health crisis that young professionals (Millennials, GenZ) are facing?

  • What are the root causes of the crisis?

  • Outlining solutions, tactics and strategies adopted and implemented by leading workplaces in Denmark, like Ørsted, Novo Nordisk, the LEGO Group & Milestone Systems

  • Keynote by Rasmus Hartung, CEO & Founder of Howdy, a Danish mental health solution provider

  • Opportunities for Small to Medium business to get funds to invest in their employees mental wellbeing

  • Real time feedback loop between young professionals and company representatives, where critical questions were asked and addressed on workplaces mental health initiatives

It was incredible to be in a room full of likeminded people who understand the mental health crisis that lies ahead of us and the urgency to discuss and take action on what can be done to improve mental wellbeing amongst young people, by creating awareness and bringing tools to employees and leaders in the workforce.

The event was sponsored by Velliv Foreningen and attended by 120 attendees. During the event, we released MMW new workshops program that help to increase retention of young professionals, and decrease stress leave in workplaces. Through this program, we offer six types of workshops, distributed into two tracks to partners and participating employees. Write to us at if you want to know more.

Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW) is a global initiative with more than 23 members from 17 different nationalities. For more than 2 years we worked relentlessly believing that one day some of us will be able to meet in person to celebrate our hard work and dedication to our mission to break the stigma on mental health. This is why the event had been extra special: We met our colleagues from Bangladesh, India, Turkey and Japan Special thanks to our amazing photographer Frank Thomsen and the stunning team and venue at Talent Garden Rainmaking!

Hard work pays off. And as we always say We Are Just Getting Started.


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