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Aim for the moon and land on the stars

Dreams do come true, visions can be realized and missions can be accomplished. This is what I can say with confidence when reflecting on what the MMW team pulled off on May 2nd. A team that does not shy away from a challenge. A hard-working, competent, and passionate global team of young professionals who commit themselves to break the stigma on mental health, and do it in style. Making our commitment to Mental Health Awareness Month a one to remember. Do I sound like I am bragging? Because that is exactly what I am doing. How can I not with this amazing team?

May 2nd? What happened on May 2nd:

On May 2nd, 2022 Millennial Mental Wellbeing (MMW) acted on its very own aspiration: to break the stigma on mental health and create a world where our mental wellbeing is valued, promoted, and encouraged. We hosted our first physical event, bringing corporate leaders, hiring managers, HR professionals, and young professionals into one place to change the world's agenda on mental wellbeing. Focusing on the evolving role of workplaces in addressing and prioritizing employees' mental wellbeing.

This event is a manifestation of our aspiration, in a specific time frame we managed to create a world where our mental wellbeing was valued through the 90+ attendees who showed up, engaged, shared their mental health experiences, promoted by our key sponsors (Milestone Systems & LAIKA) and highly influential key speakers encouraged by the like-minded community of young professionals, corporate leaders and hiring managers who did not shy away from stressing out their gratitude for impact-driven event MMW hosted.

Let’s deep dive into the event as I have been asked to share my reflections with all of you. Sorry if you did not ask for it, and thank you for reading anyway. That's the spirit :)

To Land the Stars, We Need to Go Together

Being part of this event reinforced our belief at MMW that to be able to sustainably create a world where our mental wellbeing is valued, promoted, and encouraged we need to crack the code on normalizing mental health, bridge the educational gap for decision-makers, and democratizing mental wellbeing tools and services.

This can only be done by joining forces with like-minded individuals and companies. This is why I am extremely grateful for our sponsors, Milestone Systems and LAIKA, who committed to walking the talk on their mental wellbeing advocacy by joining our movement on addressing the current mental wellbeing crisis that young professionals are experiencing. The togetherness is complete because of the young professionals who came through, asked questions, and challenged the status quo through sharing their own experiences with mental health.

By Millennials For Millennials AND BEYOND

One of my key reflections leading up to the event is that our aspiration goes beyond one generation. It became evident during the event that our message is needed more than ever and it is needed by and for Millennials and beyond (other generations; Gen Z, X, and the boomers).

For us, as an organization, it was, and is, never about excluding others. It is about driving effectiveness and reinforcing that mental health is for all. Yet we need to focus our effort somewhere, this is why we are focusing on younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z).

If anything, this realization is welcomed news to us. We are about impact. The more the merrier. Are you joining? Remember, our mental health, as human beings, is our license to exist. This is MMW’s message to the world.


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