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Birthday reflections and half-year in review

Believe it or not, we have reached the halfway point of 2021. What a year it has been so far. Many changes, adjustments, and a lot bit of coming to the terms with living in a post-COVID19 world.

These past 5 months have also been transformational for MMW. While gearing up for our first birthday in June, it’s delightful to see us reaching many of the first-year goals we set for ourselves by establishing a team that works with a great productive rhythm.

Input from Millennials guides us, always!

One of these goals was to host our first mental wellbeing workshop in collaboration with our enterprise partner Milestone Systems. We had been working hard at curating a “stress workshop” for Milestone Millennials since the fall of 2020. The stress management and mitigation direction came as a direct result of the research we conducted with Milestone Millennials.

This was not a surprise considering the impact 2020 had on our mental wellbeing. So we took the feedback from the research and customized an hour-long workshop for Milestone which we delivered on March 2021.

Stress Workshop at Milestone Systems

And what a success our first workshop was! Despite being a virtual session, the energy and engagement of the audience were palpable. The attendees were reflecting openly, sharing their own experiences, and exchanging tips and recommendations.

Here’s the rundown of the stress workshop with Milestone Systems:

  • 170 Milestone Millennials participated with great enthusiasm.

  • After the workshop, we got more than 20 messages from attendees saying they loved the workshop and found it very insightful.

Milestone Systems CEO, Thomas Jensen joined the first half of the event and had a Q&A session with our very own Subhi Irshed.

Leadership Endorsement on Mental Wellbeing

The research we did with Milestone Millennials had also revealed the value of leadership endorsement when it comes to prioritizing mental wellbeing at the workplace. So it was extremely monumental for Thomas Jensen to join us and instigate the conversation around mental wellbeing.

To conclude the Q&A session MMW Executive Director, Subhi Irshed asked Thomas what is on Milestone’s agenda from a mental health perspective. To which Thomas responded:

“Mental wellbeing is a joint responsibility. As an employer, we need to provide the framework. There is also a responsibility on each individual.”


All in all, it was an inspiring session where mental was at the forefront and where we connected with a lot of like-minded millennials. We cannot wait to do it again very soon as there is a new workshop on the horizon for MMW.

If you would like to know more about our new workshop in the making or would like us to host a similar event at your company send us an email: You can also check out our other mental wellbeing services here.


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