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End of Year Letter from Our Founder & Executive Director

Looking backward to look forward, I am inviting you into my reflections on the impactful year MMW experienced throughout 2021. The Universal Bond, For-Impact Deliverables, and Setting the Organization Up for Success were the key themes. Let's explore them together.

The Universal Bond

MMW's mission is to break the stigma on mental health through relevant and accessible mental health tools and services to younger employees in the workplace. This external facing mission was cross-contextualized internally this year. Little did I or other team members know that on the way, MMW will turn into a universal family of empathetic, capable, and like-minded professional individuals. Who established a strong internal mental health support system and looked out for each other. It turns out that our mission is our universal bond that drives our motivation and commitment to positively impact the youth mental health sphere.

For-Impact Deliverables

This past year, we persevered and proved to ourselves first and to our stakeholders and community of partners second that MMW has a unique value proposition to offer to the world. Despite the ambitious targets we put out for ourselves, given we are a volunteer organization, we achieved the below milestones:

  • Delivering on our Mental Wellbeing Workshops: Stress Management & Anxiety Mitigation workshops attended by more than 300 employees at our corporate partner Milestone Systems

  • Giving a Keynote Presentation on Mental Health at the biggest startup event in the Nordics - Tech BBQ

  • MMW's latest Millennial Mental Health Survey received 6554 responses which is a remarkable testimony for the real demand from younger generations to address and talk about mental health

  • MMW has now reached more than 15000 Millennials through our workshops & surveys.

Setting the Organization Up for Success

A big part of 2021 was dedicated to internal growth and strengthening our competencies through professional development including attracting new talent that possesses the needed skill-sets and drive to take us to the next level in our growth journey. In the last 2 quarters, MMW attracted 6 new professional clinical psychologists, summing the number of mental health professionals to 8.

Lastly, as the founder and executive director, I am wholeheartedly grateful, determined, and keen for what 2022 has in store for us. Being part of an organization with 18 different nationalities all united around one mission is mind-boggling. We believe, we work hard, and we achieve.

Thank you for being part of our journey,

I wish all of you a safe and warm Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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