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You are not your achievements

This week we would like to discuss a bit more in details the topic of productivity.

Today we challenge ourselves by asking: how much our results depend on our willpower? What about our ability to "greet the teeth" and pull it off? What about persistence, perseverance and tenacity? Indeed, being focused and determined is admirable and necessary, but only when dosed right. Then what about those days when you really "underperform" (according to who, by the way)? Do you tend to bring yourself down those days? Do you judge yourself as being "not enough"?

If this happens to you, please know: this is totally normal in our highly competitive "Instagram-perfect" world! Sadly this is the new reality for all of us: we constantly compare and are being compared.

So please: be KIND. To yourself and to others around you. You are doing your best, and deserve the credit for it.

Your results are not tied to your identity.

Your productivity today is not the only measure of your success tomorrow.


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