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Bring relevant and accessible mental wellbeing toolbox to all employees in the workplace with crystal focus on young professionals (Younger Millennials & Gen Z)


Break Stigma, Foster Awareness

  • Normalize mental health conversations

  • Understand the fundamentals of mental health by addressing biases


Educate, Train and Equip

  • Tailor mental wellbeing tools to meet diverse stakeholder needs 

  • Provide leaders and individual contributors (employees) with robust wellbeing strategies and frameworks


Cultivate A Wellbeing Culture

  • Elevate mental health as a core value in evolving work models

  • Specialize in enhancing hybrid and remote work through wellbeing strategies



My Mental Wellbeing is a For Impact Organization. Originally founded for millennials by millennials and evolved to address all generations, because better mental health is a birth right for us all

We are living in a new reality; experiencing an increasingly connected world where we are online 24/7, making excessive use of social media, and dealing with always-on workplace cultures. This brings new challenges to our mental wellbeing.

Constantly connected on the outside, but often lonely on the inside, we are trying to take advantage of this new reality, but often end up overwhelmed with overflowing amounts of information. Addicted to the feeling of instant gratification that comes with unlimited scrolling and mobile applications, and constantly comparing ourselves to our peers and their supposedly perfect lives on social media. 

MMW AI Wellbeing Platform

The. Next. Big thing. In Workplace Mental Wellbeing Solution

Unlock Workplace Wellbeing in Two Clicks : Experience AI-Driven, Tailored Mental Health Learning with Our Comprehensive Toolbox—Anytime, Anywhere for Every Workplace Role:


People Managers

People & Culture (HR)

Employees ( Individual Contributors )

Young Professionals

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