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🎵 They see me scrollin', they hatin'

Well, well, well! This week we are all about the Digital Detox!

If you have watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix, you might have been grasped by a rush of fear thinking about how your phone, and all the apps in it, are designed to keep you scrolling forever and ever and suck up your attention for hours! 😨

Also, if you have watched the Social Dilemma, you might have thought "I am not one of them, I have a healthy relationship with my phone!" 😊 and moved on with your life. Unless you have a Nokia 3310, forgive us for asking: "Do you really?"🤔

Or maybe you thought "I need to make some changes ASAP"🙀🙀🙀 and took a one day detox and then found yourself the next day, 3h later after having watched all the episodes of Emily In Paris in one evening and checked all those cupcakes 🧁 recipes and have baked none 🤔 How did that happen?! 🥺

But we are not here to judge anyone, as we are also guilty of scrolling and scrolling and carrying our phone everywhere as if it was a precious diamond... So we decided to reinforce what we already know and suggest this article on the benefits of a digital detox!

Do you want to take the challenge with us and do a digital detox for a month?


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